Galco Fletch Holster

In his many variants, James Bond famously carried a classic Walther PPK in a shoulder holster. Of course, he was always wearing a suit (if not a tuxedo) and so a shoulder holster would be a great means of carrying the Walther concealed. I’d probably use a shoulder holster all the time, too, if I was as dressed up as Bond was. But my travels and errands rarely call for that kind of outfit and so a shoulder holster is not a great choice. Carrying a Walther PPK can be done just as well, however, in a traditional belt slide holster such as the Galco Fletch you see here. In fact, the Fletch provides a high, tight, and comfortable—if not luxurious—ride. But is it too much holster for such a small gun?

High Ride

Made of two pieces of leather, the opposing belt loops put most of the Walther’s minimal mass up above the beltline and at just the right forward cant to balance the weight, offer a combat grip, and keep the stocks of the gun from printing. In fact, while the Walther provides a magazine with an easily concealable flush baseplate, it also provides a magazine with an extension that allows you to get your pinky on the stock for a better grip. Despite the added length of the extended magazine, it doesn’t really print due to the Fletch’s high ride and cant.

Tight Ride

Not only does the Fletch offer a high ride, it offers a tight ride—in two ways. First, with a good gun belt pulled adequately tight, the Walther pulls in close to the body, aiding in concealment. Second, since the Fletch is hand-molded to whatever gun it holds, the fit is perfect. In other words, with just the right amount of leather on steel, the holster provides enough friction to ensure a very secure ride. It’s not too tight that it is difficult to draw, but you have to mean it in order to draw it. Adding to the tight ride is the reinforced thumb break. This adds an additional measure of security but also stabilizes the rig during carry.

Comfort & Luxury

Finally, beyond the high and tight ride, the Fletch offers terrific comfort and luxury. The premium saddle leather is beautiful and smooth and smells great. The design of the holster is not a traditional pancake of two pieces of leather. Rather, the inner piece of leather is shorter while the outer piece of leather is longer because it is molded around the gun. As such, the Fletch is very comfortable to wear all day. You do need to wear it on a real gun belt, however, as a weak belt will allow the holster to sag and bend away from your side.

Some might argue that if you’re going to wear a belt slide holster, then you ought to wear a lot more gun than a six-round .380. While I agree that a belt slide does provide outstanding comfort, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a larger gun is a better option. Sometimes—and especially for all-day carry—the lighter and thinner gun is actually more comfortable and therefore a better choice.

Retailing for $97.95, the Galco Fletch is available in left- or right-handed models and in tan or black finish. James Bond doesn’t know what he’s missing.

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