Fool in Baltimore

In this latest edition of “What’s Wrong with America,” I would like to introduce Tricia Bishop, the deputy editorial page editor of the Baltimore Sun newspaper, a University of Maryland, College Park journalism graduate. Tricia joins a pack of judges who refuse to enforce the law, believing that people are good at heart if they are just given a second or third chance and that by loving the rabid dog the disease will magically vanish. Of course, they don’t want the rabid dog living in their home; they don’t want the guy who needs that second or third chance working in their office; they don’t want the children of the repeat offender walking around casually in their neighborhood.

And that brings us back to Tricia Bishop. Tricia, bless her heart, wants a public, online, searchable gun registry because she is afraid of going to the homes of people who own guns, afraid of allowing her children to play with kids whose parents own guns. What spurred her fear was driving through Georgia and seeing billboards recommending “A Glock for Christmas” and visiting Florida where a neighbor with a handgun holstered at his waist—“as their kids played nearby”—stopped by to the “shoot the breeze.”

“I’m less afraid of the criminals wielding guns in Baltimore,” she wrote on January 7, 2016, “than I am by those permitted gun owners.”

In the same editorial opinion, she apologizes for “being white and middle class in a largely segregated city that reserves most of its shootings for poor, black neighborhoods overtaken by the game,” although she does not specify which game or the rules of “the game.” Presumably, in her opinion, murder and rape, home invasion and burglary, assault and increasing gang violence in these minority neighborhoods are caused by “white, middle class” individuals, probably a bunch of nerdy white members of the middle school science club.

Thinking about Tracy reminds me of recent news out of Florence, Italy. Another naïve and self-deluded white woman with too much money and too little experience of the world was recently murdered by an illegal immigrant from Senegal. American Ashley Olsen, described as a 35-year-old free-living, free-loving artist, apparently picked up Cheik Tidiane Diaw, 27; they used drugs, had sex, and then she asked him to leave her apartment. He got angry, bashed her head, and strangled her.

I suppose that according to the Baltimore Sun’s Tricia Bishop, this murder is a clear case of abuse of a poor illegal immigrant by a privileged white woman—rather than a foolish, self-indulgent white woman choosing to live on the edge, to experiment with an exotic and perchance romantic figure—a poor, uneducated, barely literate, unsophisticated, and violent illegal. Was Ashley’s death her own fault? Was it akin to suicide? Should we blame the victim? Well…yes.

Tricia Bishop doesn’t want her daughter coming to your house because she is afraid that your kids will “one day introduce that (sic) weapon to my daughter.” Bishop goes on to explain that she has had one—just one to see what it was like—session at a gun range, shooting a .22 and that she still has that target taped to her office wall as a demonstration of her awesome shooting ability. What a hypocrite.

Tricia is demanding a searchable public database of gun owners, “something like those for sex offenders. I’m not equating gun owners with predatory perverts…” but, of course, she is. It isn’t the skill of the owner or their need for a self-defense weapon, she writes, “it’s the simple presence of the weapon in the home and the threat it presents that terrify me.”

Compounding stupid with double-stupid, helplessness with cowardice, Tricia writes: “I’m pretty certain that if I’d had a gun the one time I was the victim of a violent crime (in upstate New York), the outcome would have been a lot worse than it was, with the firearm turned against me in short order. Instead, I was able to scream and break away from a mugger with a dull knife trying to force me into a vacant lot between rowhouses.”

So, what’s the cure for stupid?

Well, there’s a cure for ignorant, but not for stupid. Okay, there is one cure and in Italy, illegal Senegalese immigrant Cheik Tidiane Diaw found it. It was a terrible incident and terribly wrong, but when the illegal immigrant in her neighborhood in Baltimore sharpens his knife, when Tricia’s husband backs away shivering and frightened and intimidated, Tricia is going to pray that someone with a gun responds. If you knew it was her and her daughter being beaten and raped and robbed, would you go out of your way to help? (Just don’t expect that she would ever thank you.)

Of course, we who carry, we who are permitted and trained, know the answer to that…even if she pretends not to.