What Is Your Family Worth?

I joined Facebook years ago, nearly kicking and screaming, but the social media superpower has turned out to be an interesting way to stay connected to people I may not otherwise ever see. And in the midst of all the insanity, offensiveness, and downright pointless drivel, every now and then I’ll find something fun, useful, or thought-provoking. And here and there, my friends will post images, thoughts, or questions that demand some attention.

For instance, a friend (and fellow gun enthusiast) recently shared something on my Facebook page that made my skin crawl. It’s a thought you may have heard before, in some shape or form. (Hillary Clinton has used this fear mongering tool time and time again.) She posted, “Here’s a quote for you tonight: ‘I just don’t want a bunch of concealed carry permit holders freaking out. That’s who we should be worried about these days. The people with concealed carry permits.’”

Unbelievable…right? There are people out there who are so uninformed, so irrational, and so presumptuous that they are pointing fingers at those of us who choose to carry a firearm for personal protection. They seriously think that we are the problem!? Apparently, instead of being prepared to defend ourselves in a violent encounter, we are all going to just “freak out” and start hurting people.

Now, my friend probably already knew my response. She could probably envision me rolling my eyes and shaking my head. And I just couldn’t help but say, “Wow. Yeah. WE are the bad guys, for sure, all of us concealed carry permit holders following the law, seeking out training, being responsible….”

But it was another friend’s epic response that really had me thinking.

John, a retired law enforcement officer, spotted the quote on my Facebook page and posted the following reply: “People do not seem to realize that bad people don’t give a d*** about laws. I hope all you anti-gun people out there realize that the average response time for law enforcement is 7-10 minutes. From a law enforcement point of view, I would rather be doing a simple report of a dead bad guy from a homeowner defending his or her family than putting those family members in body bags because they couldn’t defend themselves.

“It does happen…and it has happened. True story. I had the misfortune of writing that report. It was horrific. And the suspect is still at large. On that instance, our response time was 4 minutes. Strong armed robbery, home invasion. The suspect stole a couple hundred dollars’ worth of jewelry and some cash. Is your family worth that little to you?”

I would guess that your family is worth everything to you. That’s why you have a firearm. That’s why you have a concealed carry permit. And that’s why you choose to carry a gun.

The problem is that so many gun control advocates ignore the reality that lawful concealed carry permit holders can be trusted with our right to keep and bear arms. They hold a contemptuous view of those of us who take it upon ourselves to be responsible in protecting our lives and possibly the lives of others. And while there have been occurrences in which people have made errors or used poor judgment, there are countless more situations in which concealed carriers have prevented crimes and potentially saved lives. I would love for these anti-gun groups to read John’s response…and to choose between the concealed carry permit or the body bag.

I know my family is worth more than that.


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