Explosive Toys

Just wondering how you folks dry fire practice. What specifically do you work on and how do you do it? I just received my permit and besides joining a range, would like to practice at home to become more proficient.

I could use a little help. I’m trying to find the perfect Inside the waistband (IWB) holster for me . I prefer to carry at the 2:30 position inside the pants with a full size pistol. It just seems to conceal much better there for me. I have tried a couple uncomfortable holsters but they do conceal well. Trying to find something a lot more comfortable. I am thinking about the Crossbreed SuperTuck, but I am not sure how that would work at 2:30. I’m looking for somebody who has one who might give me a little suggestion as to whether you can use that holster at the 2:30 position on your body.

I don’t know if most people remember the old cap guns and caps some people of my advanced age used to play with, and the little metal toys we used to put caps in and throw in the air and when they hit the ground a small bang used to happen, or just take a rock and smash them to make them explode. Would they be illegal today and be considered an explosive device and do they still make them. AH the GOOD OLE’ DAYS.