The Everytown for Gun Safety Scam Artists

I have been saying for some time now that the gun prohibitionists are unAmerican. I don’t think that’s being too harsh, do you? Not when we’re talking about people who want to take constitutionally protected property, rights, and freedoms from their fellow Americans. To even suggest such a thing is unAmerican—in my book, anyway.

But that’s exactly what the unAmericans are doing.

The latest email from the Everytown for Gun Safety scam artists has reached a new low. Just when you think the unAmericans can’t get any lower, they find a way to dig deeper than the day before. Now, right before my eyes, the email I received today blatantly calls for head “confiscation wanna be” Obama himself to flat out ignore Congress and the American way and just use his pen to take away your rights. To the unAmericans, the Constitution be damned…as long as it’s something they don’t like.

Take a look at this from the Bloomberg money grubbers:



It’s been almost three years since my mother was shot and killed. She was the principal of Sandy Hook School, gunned down along with 25 others on December 14, 2012.

Sandy Hook was one of the most devastating shootings in our nation’s history, and I was appalled when Congress failed to act. That’s why I’m asking President Obama to step up and not let this anniversary go by without action on gun violence.

The President has the power to make a real difference without waiting on Congress, but he needs to hear from people like you to know he has the support for these major steps.

Automatically sign the petition calling on President Obama to take executive action to strengthen gun laws, close deadly loopholes, and save American lives.

President Obama has gone to too many funerals, he’s called too many families, he’s recounted too many horrors. Enough is enough.

The President has the power to crack down on high-volume gun sellers and make them conduct background checks. He can close loopholes to keep guns away from domestic abusers. He can strengthen laws to keep guns away from schools, the places where our children learn and play. But he’s running out of time.

President Obama has said that congressional inaction on gun violence is the biggest disappointment of his presidency. But HE can act.

Sign the petition to the President and ask him to take executive action on gun violence before the Sandy Hook anniversary on December 14.

Thanks for lending your voice. It means so much to me.

Erica Lafferty

Survivor Engagement Manager

Everytown for Gun Safety

Did you get through that without puking on yourself? I know, it’s tough to read these things but read them you must. It’s the surest way possible to know what the unAmericans are up to. The email subject line reads “Yes He Can,” in reference to their misguided belief that a U.S. president can just flush the constitution down the toilet and sign anything he wants to make law all by himself.

How much more proof do you need that the unAmericans don’t give a damn about “gun safety?” This isn’t about murderers being caught or the root causes of crime (such as rampant liberalism). No…this is about YOU and your guns getting in their way of enacting their unAmerican agenda..and fundraising off of the backs of dead Americans to do it.

Vile? Despicable? Reprehensible? Take your pick…but one description that fits them for sure? UnAmerican.