Dumb and Dumber (Bullets Over my Head)

Some years ago when I was a kid (about 12 years old). I was visiting a family with my dad and when I asked where the two boys were, I was told that they were out in the back lot shooting their guns. I left the house and went toward the back lot and as I was walking I heard what I thought was caps going off. I figured they were playing Cowboys and Indians with cap guns. Back then you could buy ‘caps’ in rolls that you could put in a cap gun and the hammer would set off the powder charge with a sharp bang. You could also tear them apart and stack them up and get a bigger bang.

When I rounded the corner I could see the two boys shooting a BB gun at some bricks lying on the ground. With still no clue to what was going on, I moved closer. When I got closer, there was a bang and the whistling sound of an object going over my head. I still didn’t know what was going on . The boys turned and grinned and said come on and take a shot. I then saw what they were doing. They were putting 22 LR cartridges, bullet end first, between the bricks with the butt end out and shooting at them with the BB gun. When they hit the primer with a BB, the rounds would go off and with the bullets being heavier than the casing, it stayed wedged between the bricks, while the casings were the projectiles I heard go over my head.

My dad had taught me about guns and gun safety and I told the boys how dangerous their game was and beat a hasty retreat around the garage. I didn’t hear anymore rounds go off, so they must have understood my warning. I’ve often thought about how dumb their game was and how I could easily have lost and eye or my life that day.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a .22 Long Rifle for youth? My son and daughter (9 and 12 years old) have done well with the BB/pellet rifle and are ready to move up.