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I never knew that starting a discussion about a purse could actually become more like opening a can of worms. But since I’m a concealed carry mom, I’ve heard so much about why NOT to carry my handgun in my handbag. I’ve read about, listened to, watched, studied, and considered the reasons and advice. Most certainly, there’s a lot of great information and tons of legitimate, logical lines of thinking out there.  It’s not falling on deaf ears…or blind eyes or distracted, opinionated minds, for that matter! Maybe it’s a mom thing. Maybe it’s a woman thing.  But for me, despite the pressure to assimilate (sorry for the Star Trek reference!), I carry in several different ways, depending on a lot of different variables (too many to share right now). So, I very humbly ask the gun community to recognize that for some women, no matter what her reasons might be, a purse is her best carry option.

With that being said, for those women who are curious about concealed carry purses, I have to admit: I’m kind of picky when it comes to bags in the first place. At 6 feet tall, I’m above average in height, so the handles or the strap must be a decent length for me to be able to carry it comfortably. A handbag also needs to be good quality. I’ve purchased way too many cheaply made bags that have fallen apart, frayed, torn, or just looked bad, even weeks after purchasing them. And, of course, I want a purse that’s aesthetically pleasing! Fashion does count.

Undoubtedly, when I first came across the idea of a concealed carry purse, I was quite intrigued. But my immediate thought was that the bag wouldn’t be very big, it wouldn’t be very comfortable, and it wouldn’t be very fashionable, either. Luckily, I was wrong. I have a beautiful, aged, brown-leather satchel from Concealed Carrie that far exceeds my expectations—in all the categories I have for a purse. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my “designer handbag,” and no one knows it’s concealed carry…unless I tell them!

Beyond the fact that this purse looks good with everything, I can use the adjustable 41 to 47-inch strap to throw it over my shoulder, cross body, so it’s safe, close to my body, and hands-free! This is ideal when you’re running around with 3 children in tow, making sure that you have at least one hand free for carrying the baby, and one to constrain the rambunctious 4-year-old!

This brown leather satchel from Concealed Carry combines function and fashion.

This brown leather satchel from Concealed Carrie combines function and fashion.

In addition, it’s awesome to know that this handbag is made specifically to carry a firearm, so it’s sturdy and solid. And we’re talking beauty AND brains, here; this Concealed Carrie satchel has a special pocket in the front that can unzip from both sides and from the inside, as well, and you can securely strap your gun into the adjustable—and removable—holster. It’s convenient, easy, and quick to get to your firearm, if you need it. So, a woman can discreetly place her hand inside the purse and prepare to draw, or, she can slip her hand onto her gun from the outside.  Of course, I wouldn’t enter any fast-draw competitions with this bag, but I guarantee that you won’t have to search for your firearm.

All in all, with this concealed carry purse, I have easy access to my gun, and I know that my Springfield XD-S is safe, secure, and protected. Most importantly, I know that my children cannot get to it by accident when they’re digging around for a quick snack or a lost toy. And, hey—most women will agree that having both function AND fashion isn’t such a bad thing, either!

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