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Concealed Carry News: June 5, 2019



Across the country this week, there were several news stories of responsibly armed Americans exercising their God-given right to self-defense against bad guys. On Memorial Day in Milwaukee, a Vietnam veteran was able to fend off carjackers. In Chicago, a young man successfully defended himself against an armed robbery suspect. Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania man was also able to defend himself against an armed robber.

More and more women choose to defend themselves against predators and stand up for their right to self-defense. The USCCA was pleased to join other Second Amendment advocates at an event in Detroit to empower and train more than 800 women on how to properly and safely handle a gun. And this past week in Virginia, Carrie Lightfoot, a USCCA Firearms Instructor and Training Counselor, held an event entitled #NOTMe to empower women and show that they are “taking charge of their freedom” through gun ownership. In a statement about the event, Lightfoot proclaimed, “Women are tired of being the prey of violent criminals and are doing what it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones. #NotMe Day is an opportunity for all women to join together and show the world that women refuse to be forever bound to the unequal battlefield of violence.”

The USCCA is proud to champion women’s empowerment, which is why at this year’s Concealed Carry Expo in Pittsburgh, we held several events geared toward women, including several seminars and even a women’s panel centered around issues facing women in the gun industry.

More Progress in Keeping Our Schools Safe

Meanwhile, as some presidential candidates roll out proposals that include even more failed gun-control measures, many Americans across the country are starting to have serious conversations about what it takes to keep our children safe. In Wyoming, a new poll showed that the majority of teachers and staff in the Campbell County School District support having guns in schools. And Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, at the recommendation of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission, signed legislation that allows teachers to arm themselves. So far, 30 school districts have now agreed to participate in the program. As school shootings continue to make headlines, it’s about time we enacted real change. One Florida sheriff who favors arming teachers declared, “The facts are that this is going to happen again. The question is when and where; and the question is, what are we doing differently to drive a different outcome?” ​

Quote of the Week

“Cops can’t be everywhere all the time, so this is about a force multiplier. School personnel are those people [who] are going to be there [who] can mitigate that harm and stop that shooter.” -Florida Sheriff Bob Gualtieri on his support for arming teachers

Data Point You Should Know

Since 1950, 98 percent of mass shootings in the U.S. have taken place in gun-free zones. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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