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Concealed Carry News: July 3, 2019


This has been a good week for the Second Amendment! Slowly but surely, the common-sense message that more responsibly armed Americans equals more safety and security is catching on across the country. On Thursday, Kentucky became the 16th state to allow constitutional carry. This means that law-abiding, responsibly armed citizens in the Bluegrass State will not have to face waiting times or unnecessary additional paperwork in order to carry out one of our most fundamental constitutional rights.

I spoke with Lexington, Kentucky radio show Kruser & Crew on NewsTalk 590, WVLK-AM about how this bill is going to lead to more law-abiding citizens exercising the natural right to self-defense.

And in Ohio, similar legislation is also moving forward with a successful committee vote in the Ohio House. House Bill 178, which would allow anyone 21 or older to carry any concealed deadly weapon as long as he or she is not legally barred from owning a gun, now awaits a vote on the House floor.

This Is Exciting News

As more state governments recognize that the first line of defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, they are cutting through the red tape to help make communities more secure. We should be encouraging people to become educated in the best ways to protect themselves, their families and innocent bystanders should a situation take a turn for the worst.

No one understands that better than Vincent Smith, the Virginia Beach city employee who has started a petition for employees to be permitted to carry legally licensed firearms to work. The petition says that “gun-free zones are in fact some of the most dangerous and vulnerable places in America” and that city personnel should be able to carry out their Second Amendment rights. Mr. Smith is right, and I hope more folks will sign his petition.

A similar proposal is being considered in Tennessee. Vice Mayor of Mt. Juliet said that “the concept of a gun-free zone is a failed concept” and if the proposal passes, employees with concealed carry permits would be allowed to bring firearms to work.

And over in Boston, a rabbi encouraged his congregation to bring guns to Synagogue. He too realized a gun-free zone only makes law-abiding people defenseless.

We wish that it did not take senseless acts of violence for people to understand that being prepared to defend yourself and your family is beneficial to entire communities, but all of this was good news on several fronts.

Around the Country


Colorado Public RadioMore School Workers Seek Gun Skills After STEM Shooting, Says Training Group

A three-day FASTER Colorado class was offered in Commerce City in late June to train school staff who want to carry firearms on how to stop an active shooter and treat potential injuries. After the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting, school personnel have shown more interest in training, according to Executive Director of FASTER Colorado, Laura Carno.


WHP-TV (CBS-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania): Bill to Put Armed Guards Back in PA Schools Debated in Congress

As the budget deadline looms, legislation that would put armed security guards back in Pennsylvania schools is the focus of debate at the Capitol. “Kids are getting shot in school. It’s interesting to me that there’s opposition to this, especially from people within the Capitol,” said Sen. Mike Regan, R- Cumberland/York. Regan is referencing opposition to Senate Bill 621, which would give school districts the option of arming contracted security guards or security officers in their buildings.


WRCB-TV (NBC-Chattanooga, Tennessee): New Tennessee Law Allows Online Course for Gun Permits

Tennessee gun owners can now obtain their concealed carry permits online. With proof of a department-approved handgun-safety course, the new law allows people to get permits without ever firing a gun.

Quote of the Week

At a Townhall following the municipal office building shooting in Virginia Beach, one resident proclaimed, “The employees who had concealed carry permits, they could not carry. There’s a saying — I love the police, but the police are minutes away when seconds count.” (WTOP-FM Washington, DC)

Data Point You Should Know

Nearly 4,000 people have signed a petition to allow Virginia Beach city employees to bring guns to work. (



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