Concealed Carry News: July 17, 2019



This was a busy week for supporters of the Second Amendment. We continue to see our message — that the ability to defend oneself and one’s family should be encouraged and protected — spread throughout different regions of the country.

Teaching Our Teachers

This Saturday, July 20, is the second annual National Train a Teacher Day (NTATD). Thousands of school teachers and administrators across the country will be offered free self-defense training by certified instructors and training counselors. The USCCA is an official sponsor of this national event, which aims to empower educators across the country with the training and tools they need to defend themselves and others in the case of a criminal attack.

These classes will cover how teachers can defend themselves and students using pepper spray, the proper response to an active shooter and how to survive an active-shooter situation. The classes will also touch on basic trauma and first-aid training. There is also an optional handgun segment that participants can opt to take in addition to the rest of the course.

Gun Regulations Don’t Stop Crime

Rules and regulations have not stopped murderous criminals from committing crimes. But a responsibly armed citizen who happens to be at the scene can and has. Yet our politicians seem to be stuck in a loop, repeatedly having the same conversation. They think that more gun control, more restrictions and less self-protection and freedom will stop evil people from making the conscious decision to harm others.

Most recently, our candidates for the nation’s highest office used the debate stage to announce how they would continue this unproductive cycle.

Check out my most recent op-ed to read more about how the top Democratic candidates for president are part of the closed-minded gun conversation and why they need to welcome different opinions to the discussion.

There are some lawmakers who want to open the gun discussion to include plans on better educating citizens on how to defend themselves.

We at the United States Concealed Carry Association would like to thank the members of the Virginia General Assembly for shutting down the premature, combative special session on guns called by Gov. Northam. This special session was not a session at all but rather a pre-planned attack on the Second Amendment rights of every Virginian. The only laws up for discussion were ones that would have resulted in more restrictions and less protection for citizens of the Commonwealth. Thankfully, the session was shut down in less than 90 minutes (Second Amendment rights safely intacts).

Around the Country


Pensacola News JournalEscambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh Suggests Arming ECAT Bus Drivers

During a meeting of the Committee of the Whole on July 10, Escambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh suggested the county allow bus drivers to carry. This came about during a discussion of bus driver safety, in which Escambia County Area Transit management presented on installing protective barriers for drivers.


KFVS-TV (Cape Girardeau, Missouri): State Rep. Signs Legislation to Ease Application Process for Gun Owners in Illinois

Senate Bill 1139, which suggests several changes for law-abiding gun owners, has been sent to the governor for consideration. Rep. Nathan Reitz (D – Steeleville) says the legislation would relieve responsible gun owners of certain regulations when applying for a Firearm Owners Identification Card.


Campus Security & Life SafetyNew Indiana State Laws: Guns in Church, School Bus Safety, School Alert System

On July 1, 293 new Indiana state laws went into effect, some impacting church and school safety. One such law will allow individuals who are legally authorized to carry a firearm to carry in religious buildings that are connected to schools, so long as the religious institution permits firearms.

Quote of the Week

At a training class for teachers in Utah, special needs educator Sandy Grow said of her decision to arm herself in the classroom:

“The idea of being trapped in a classroom with my students and not being able to protect them bothered me … I want to defend them and keep them safe, not be a sitting duck.” (Associated Press)

Data Point You Should Know

It took only 90 minutes for Virginia Republicans to shut down Gov. Northam’s (D) anti-Second Amendment gun-control legislative session. (New York Times)

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