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Concealed Carry News: April 24, 2019


Too often, “gun-free zones” are seen as soft targets by murderous maniacs and criminals who know that people in these designated zones — including our places of worship, schools and college campuses — don’t have the means to defend themselves or stop bad guys from committing atrocious criminal acts. These criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws. It doesn’t make sense that we wouldn’t let law-abiding, responsibly armed Americans defend themselves and others in these places.

Luckily, across the country this past week, lawmakers and everyday Americans stepped up to defend themselves, others and our constitutional right to self-defense.

Concealed Carry on Campus in Missouri

This past week, lawmakers in the Missouri State House passed legislation that would allow students to concealed carry on college campuses. One of the bill’s supporters, State Rep. Jared Taylor, rightfully noted, “We have a constitutionally secured right to defend ourselves and a constitutionally secured right to own and possess firearms for that reason … I think that just because someone walks from one side of the street onto a college campus, they should not lose that right.”

The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Dean Dohrman, also pointed out how this legislation could especially help protect college women who may be walking home alone at night, adding, “That’s probably the loneliest feeling a person can have, and having some personal protection on hand is not a bad thing, at least in my book.”

Progress from the “Gunshine State” to the Heartland

Meanwhile, in the “Gunshine State,” legislation that would allow teachers to carry weapons in schools passed the Florida State Senate at the recommendation of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission.

And in Nebraska this past week, ABC reports that after a deadly shooting in a church, area church members are taking safety into their own hands by seeking gun training. Local gun-store owner James Clark said of the uptick in churchgoers seeking training, “It’s not just a willy-nilly, ‘Hey, I want to carry a gun.’ People are looking to protect themselves and their organizations that they belong to, and they have thought long and hard about this.”

While our country continues to debate unconstitutional gun-control regulation at the federal level, these local leaders get it. We have a constitutional and God-given right to self-defense. Responsibly armed Americans are often the first line of defense in an active-shooter situation, and it’s about time our lawmakers understood that.

Quote of the Week

  • “A student’s Second Amendment rights do not end just because [he or she] reside[s] or take[s] classes on a college campus … I am in support of women or anyone who wants the ability to protect themselves. I want to ensure my daughter, and any other female (or male) college student, has the ability and the inherent right to defend [himself or herself] and self-protect [his or her] life, [his or her] liberty and property. While law enforcement is good, they are not everywhere, all the time.” — Missouri State Rep. John Simmons on why he supports concealed carry on college campuses

Data Point You Should Know

  • At least 14 states currently allow teachers to arm themselves: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington.

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