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Concealed Carry News: April 17, 2019


More and more Americans across the country are embracing their God-given right to self-defense, and new numbers out of Florida are the latest example. It was widely reported this past week that concealed carry permits in the “Gunshine State” are expected to hit 2 million in the next couple of months, making Florida the state with the most concealed carry permits.

Along with the high number of permits, Floridians are leading the way in exercising their Second Amendment right with legislation being considered to allow teachers to carry concealed on campus, as recommended by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission. It’s heartening to see so many willing to protect themselves and their families, friends and neighbors from dangerous criminals.

Florida State Senator Dennis Baxley told The Associated Press, “I’m encouraged that more people take responsibility for themselves and others because law enforcement can’t be there. The violence is not in the firearm; the violence is in the heart of the person.”

Floridians aren’t the only ones embracing their right to self-defense. There are now more than 18 million Americans across the country with concealed carry permits. Concealed carry permits are growing, with women among the fastest growing groups. In fact, concealed carry permits for women have increased by 111 percent from 2012 to 2018.

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The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is encouraged by the ever-increasing number of Americans who are choosing to protect themselves and their communities. As Marna Tracy, owner of Tampa Tactical Supply, told Tampa’s Fox 13 News, “I think it’s fantastic, an armed society is a polite society … carrying concealed allows you to protect yourself and keep that you’re carrying a secret.”

We believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones, which is why we hope you will join us this year at our annual Concealed Carry Expo at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, starting on May 17. This year’s Expo is expected to attract more than 10,000 Americans and is jam-packed with 70-plus seminars, a FREE live-fire shooting range to test new handguns, a huge selection of gear, a women’s concealed carry showroom and services and information from USCCA’s trusted industry partners.

Unfortunately, some anti-gun politicians in Pittsburgh have failed to recognize the lifesaving power of guns, not to mention the God-given right to protect oneself and others. Studies have consistently shown that concealed carry holders are among the most law-abiding citizens, which is why the city’s unconstitutional gun ban would punish responsible citizens while doing nothing to stop dangerous criminals from attacking innocent people. In a new op-ed for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I wrote:

“Regardless of each other’s views on the Second Amendment and what many Americans believe to be a God-given right to self-defense, we all are working toward a common goal of stopping future tragedies. And the reality is that government regulations that impede on Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms have proven useless in reducing gun violence. In fact, evidence suggests regulations such as the ones passed last week by Pittsburgh City Council will actually lead to more mass shootings. Criminals often target places of worship and schools because they know that those inside are unarmed. We will never know if things could have been different on that October day, but the fact is that law-abiding concealed carry permit holders with the proper training are often able to prevent mass tragedies before they spin out of control and more lives are lost.”

More and more Americans are recognizing the important role guns can play in keeping themselves and their loved ones safe; it’s time our lawmakers did the same.

Quote of the Week

“I think everyone should have a concealed weapon license. Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you have to carry. If everyone had a license, every criminal would expect everyone to have a gun … people are realizing that the way to be protected is to protect yourself.” – Firearms instructor Stephen Price on concealed carry permits nearing 2 million in Florida

Data Point You Should Know

Nearly one in four Americans now own a gun for his or her home.

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