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Concealed Carry News: April 10, 2019



Women across the country are embracing their right to self-defense, making them the fastest-growing segment of concealed carry holders. From 2012 to 2018, the number of women with concealed carry permits grew by a whopping 111 percent. In San Diego, for example, women are helping other women purchase guns as part of a new campaign called “#NotMeSD.” And Amy May, a single mom in Virginia, recently told The Associated Press, “Shooting is extremely empowering. It’s a good feeling to know that I can protect myself if I have to.”

Despite what many anti-Second Amendment liberals would have you believe, owning a gun empowers a woman by acting as an equalizer against someone who wishes to harm her or her family. In a recent article, gun-rights activist and rape survivor, Savannah Lindquist, explained how she wished she had had her handgun during her attack. She had left it at her home in Virginia because guns were barred from her college campus. She told The Philadelphia Inquirer, “[M]y gun serves as an equalizer. It doesn’t negate his power, but it brings mine up to his level, and I have a fighting chance.”

USCCA Expo Celebrates Responsibly Armed Women

Here at the United States Concealed Carry Association, we believe that everyone has a right to defend themselves. We encourage women to embrace that right, which is why we are featuring a unique showroom devoted solely to responsibly armed women at our annual Expo this year at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 17 to May 19. The Women’s Concealed Carry Showroom will allow you to test out women-specific carry options, including curated product and service recommendations for the growing community of female firearms owners, shooters and instructors.

This year’s Expo is expected to attract more than 10,000 Americans from across the country and will feature an action-packed agenda of 70-plus seminars, a FREE live-fire shooting range to test new handguns, and a massive selection of gear, services and information from USCCA’s trusted industry partners.

Learn more about the Women’s Concealed Carry Showroom and the other events taking place at this year’s annual expo.

And in case you missed it, last week I wrote an op-ed for Raleigh’s The News & Observer detailing why North Carolina should pass the School Security Act of 2019, which would incentivize teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom. I wrote:

When we look at school shootings, it becomes clear that there is one common element: The perpetrators attack schools because they are easy targets. They know schools are a large gathering of innocent bystanders in a confined space and there are very few — if any — armed people present to defend the students. Responsibly armed Americans are a crucial aspect of deterring criminals and stopping shooters in their tracks, and this legislation will reverse the status quo and give teachers the tools they need to defend themselves and their classrooms.

As I’ve said over and over, too often our schools, places of worship and other gun-free and gun-restricted zones are seen as soft targets by dangerous criminals. As responsible, law-abiding concealed carry owners, we know that the first line of defense is often a good guy with a gun. It’s about time our lawmakers realized this too.

Quote of the Week

  • “A basic right of women is safety … We feel that [it] is always better for a woman to be able to protect herself if she’s being attacked.” – Gun-rights advocate Laura Schwartz, who helped launch the new pro-Second Amendment San Diego campaign #NotMeSD

Data Point You Should Know

  • Women are more than twice as likely to be assaulted than men, which is why it makes sense that the rate of women applying for concealed carry permits has doubled in the past four years.

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