Coming Close to Being with the Lord

As social unrest spilled across St. Petersburg, Florida, making headlines throughout the nation, criminals rampaged through the community looting businesses and burning them to the ground. While most store owners were left to sit helplessly, waiting on the overburdened police and fire departments to come to their rescue, pawn shop owner Oscar Kiesylis, “a staunch NRA member,” stood ready. “I could have waited until the bastards came in the store and got them one by one,” Kiesylis later said of the looters who crashed their car through his store window. Instead he opened fire with his semi-automatic AK-47 rifle as soon as the vehicle entered the building, sending the intruders on a hasty – and empty-handed – retreat. “They came very close to being with the Lord,” said Kiesylis.

The Times, St. Petersburg, FL