Comfort vs. Capacity vs. Caliber

With so many options available and so many “experts” telling us what we have to have on our hips in time of crisis, is it any wonder people sometimes get confused?

I’m currently assessing whether or not I should continue carrying my Glock 19 everyday or if I should switch over to my Kahr CT45. Both are great guns. The benefit I see with the Kahr is that it is thinner and may be more comfortable to carry. BUT…it leaves me with reduced ammo capacity. BUT…it fires the .45 ACP. BUT…that might not matter.

For years I have always thought that I wanted to have more rounds not only in my gun but also on my person. Now I am second-guessing myself and thinking about comfort. I know, “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable. It is supposed to be comforting.”

But, FBI stats show that, on average, a defensive firearms incident includes the expenditure of three rounds from a distance of 3 yards over about three seconds. I know we all want to be above average and I know we never know exactly what will happen, but what do you think is most important: comfort, caliber, or capacity?

Everyday Carry

What do you demand of your EDC gear? How could you make it better?