Choosing the Right Handgun

 600x400 choosing the right handgun

When you decide to get your license and carry a concealed gun for personal protection, it’s essential that you select the best handgun for your personal needs and ability. While carrying any gun is better than carrying no gun, we encourage responsible gun owners to take a more strategic approach to selecting a firearm. There are multiple factors to consider when considering which gun is best for you.

A great first place to start is finding a friendly, knowledgeable local gun shop in your region. Try to avoid any retail shop that is simply trying to sell you the most expensive gun they have, or are trying to get you to buy the newest gun on the market.  You want to find a trustworthy shop that is knowledgable about the entire personal-defense gun market, and you want to be sure they have your interests and needs in mind.  They’re main goal should be to get you the best gun for your needs, so if you’re brand new to the gun market we recommend getting a reference from an experienced and trusted friend, family member, trainer or law enforcement person who can give you an objective reference of a good gun shop from their personal experience.

A good referral can be very helpful, but we also suggest that you learn some basic handgun terminology and educate yourself about the various guns on the market you may be interested in before you start shopping. Basic knowledge of handguns will only help you have a better understanding of what a salesperson may tell you when you are shopping in their store.

It also helps to know the characteristics of a good handgun for concealed carry. Thinner, lighter guns are typically popular for concealed carry because they are more comfortable to carry, you can carry them on your person or in a bag/purse, and they are much easier to conceal than a larger handgun. If you’re only going to own one gun for concealed carry purposes, you should only consider handguns that you would be willing to carry at all times.  Versatility and ease are key.

Likewise, it’s vital that you purchase a gun that properly fits your hand. Your trigger finger must be able to comfortably reach the trigger without affecting your grip, and you must be able to easily access any other functional buttons or levers on the gun, such as the magazine release and safety.

Another important factor to consider is ease of use. Think about a situation in which you might need to use your gun – a gun that is may be difficult or complicated to operate will only hinder your ability to efficiently and accurately defend yourself and others.  Remember, you will have to make dozens of decisions in a split second when confronted with a threat, so being able to instinctively and easily operate your firearm is critical.  You will only have seconds or less to act, and anything that slows you down puts you and others in danger.

While there are countless other variables to consider when selecting the best gun for you, these are a couple of the most important introductory aspects of a firearm to consider when you’re shopping for a concealed carry gun.  Be sure to check back in with our blog on a regular basis to read gun and gear reviews that may help you select the best concealed carry gun for you.