CCM, One of the Finest Monthly Publications of Any Kind!

After reading the July 2012 issue through twice already, I’m am compelled to congratulate you, Tim and all involved in the publication of one of the finest monthly publications of any kind! Every previous issue has been great, however the latest is truly outstanding in every aspect.

Every Feature, Column and Department content contributed to the widest level of content. Member/readers from every level should be enlightened, whatever their special interests may be. The range of subject matter more fully illuminated the areas dealing with levels of force, holster dangers, training/drills, concealment advice, legal guidance, senior specifics, cross-dominance and reviews.

The July issue, along with a few others, will be added to my resource library for future reference. I’m also sharing it with fellow sheep-dogs at church, which hopefully will encourage more of them to become members of USCCA or the sister organization, HDAA.

I enjoy reading the comments of many sharp-eyed members who point out the few editorial “oversights” in some issues, as well as those who contribute additional comments. Keeps us all sharp!

Thanks again for the great July issue. USCCA has a great staff and impressive connections. It just keeps getting better!

– Bill Mottinger


Thanks for the kind words. You made my day!

– Kathy Jackson

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