Women & Guns

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the firearms community and have a unique set of needs when it comes to carrying concealed. Find helpful tips and articles, including the Pacifiers & Peacemakers series, to empower you to be your family’s ultimate protector.

If Firearms Owners Were Honest on Social Media
Beth Alcazar — May 15, 2018

Social media can be like a double-edged sword. While most of us enjoy it because we can stay connected with… Read More

Urban Moxy
Beth Alcazar — May 8, 2018

I met Krista Davis a few years ago in Ohio at the REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition’s Concealed Carry Fashion Show. Read More

Fiction and Firearms
Beth Alcazar — May 1, 2018

As an avid reader, I have seen my share of writing that uses inaccurate terminology and even incorrect usage related… Read More

The Dangers of Lock Down, Get Down, Stay Down
Beth Alcazar — April 24, 2018

Do you know where your children are? Better yet, do you know what your school-aged children or grandchildren are doing… Read More

ZØRE X Core: Have Your Gun Lock … and Access It Too
Beth Alcazar — April 17, 2018

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is often an ideal place to see, try and test out new products. Read More

11 Things Badass Women Do That Set Them Apart
Beth Alcazar — April 10, 2018

People have slung around some pretty derogatory terms when describing strong, bold women. (I’m sure you can use your imagination… Read More

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