True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Keep Your Distance!
John Caile — September 21, 2018

Everyone who carries can learn from deadly force incidents, even those involving police officers. For that reason, a recent fatal… Read More

Knife Attack! What Would You Do?
Kevin Michalowski — September 17, 2018

Watch this surveillance video. What would you do if an attacker with a knife went after a person in the… Read More

Self-Defense? Well, Maybe Not…
John Caile — September 14, 2018

An incident in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago illustrates what can happen when emotion overrides common sense. As… Read More

About Evil
Rick Sapp — September 7, 2018

I attended Unity Church for several years. I learned a great deal about prayer, meditation, the practice of inner peace… Read More

The Eye of the Predator
Scott W. Wagner — August 31, 2018

When we think of people who engage in predatory behavior (that is, those criminally minded individuals who seek out weaker… Read More

When to Hit Pause
John Caile — August 24, 2018

This past weekend, a Fox News headline about an incident in an Indiana furniture store naturally caught my attention: “Armed… Read More

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