True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Hold Parents Responsible

Rick Sapp — February 1, 2019

If we’re forced to surrender our firearms one day, it won’t be from one big gulp but rather the endless… Read More

Shooting With Your Eyes Closed?

Kevin Michalowski — January 31, 2019

Do you know what I like about George Harris? Everything! He is knowledgeable, articulate and backs up his words with… Read More

True Stories — January 2019

Duncan Mackie — January 30, 2019

Fare Fight: Massachusetts Cabbie Defends Against Early Morning Robbery A cabbie picked up two men in New Bedford who soon… Read More

Interrupt the OODA Loop

Kevin Michalowski — January 28, 2019

Can the power of the Holy Spirit protect you during an armed robbery? The woman in this video was surely… Read More

‘But I Didn’t Start It!’

John Caile — January 25, 2019

The above excuse seldom worked when we were kids, and it is even less effective in justifying the use of… Read More

Buyback Sleight-of-Hand

Rick Sapp — January 11, 2019

According to Wikipedia, a gun buyback is “instituted to purchase privately owned firearms. The goal … is to reduce the… Read More