True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms. Plus, stay abreast of firearms-related news and events across the country and around the world.

Paris Knife Attack vs FBI’s 2018 Crime Stats

Ed Combs — October 3, 2019

As certain politicians continue to insist our modern sporting rifles are the scourge of humanity and responsible for the bulk… Read More

America Is Changing

Rick Sapp — September 27, 2019

In 13 months, we will defeat and send into well-deserved obscurity most of the violently anti-gun, anti-American candidates who are… Read More

Hollywood and Guns: Why We’re Winning

Ed Combs — September 13, 2019

*This post is an excerpt from Concealed Carry Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 5, July… Read More

Remember September 12 … the Day That Put “US” in the USA

Kevin Michalowski — September 12, 2019

Looking back on the events of Sept. 11, 2001, so many people claim to remember what they were doing when… Read More

Less Crime, More Hype: What Mass Media Isn’t Telling You

Beth Alcazar — September 10, 2019

If you were to regularly watch and read the news (both local and national), you might take note that there… Read More

Shooting in Self-Defense: The Aftermath

Rick Sapp — September 6, 2019

ABC News and other media are reporting an incident that took place in Chicago several weeks… Read More