True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Shooting With Your Eyes Closed?
Kevin Michalowski — January 31, 2019

Do you know what I like about George Harris? Everything! He is knowledgeable, articulate and backs up his words with… Read More

True Stories — January 2019
Duncan Mackie — January 30, 2019

Fare Fight: Massachusetts Cabbie Defends Against Early Morning Robbery A cabbie picked up two men in New Bedford who soon… Read More

Interrupt the OODA Loop
Kevin Michalowski — January 28, 2019

Can the power of the Holy Spirit protect you during an armed robbery? The woman in this video was surely… Read More

‘But I Didn’t Start It!’
John Caile — January 25, 2019

The above excuse seldom worked when we were kids, and it is even less effective in justifying the use of… Read More

Buyback Sleight-of-Hand
Rick Sapp — January 11, 2019

According to Wikipedia, a gun buyback is “instituted to purchase privately owned firearms. The goal … is to reduce the… Read More

Tell Your Kids About Gun Safety … Then Tell Them Again
John Caile — January 11, 2019

We all hate reading about children injured or killed in incidents involving firearms. But this particular case of gun safety… Read More

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