True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Turning The Table

Sten Jackson — May 1, 2004

WARREN, Michigan — A would-be robber got a little more than he bargained for after targeting the wrong motorist at… Read More

Family Comes First

Sten Jackson — March 1, 2004

LURAVILLE, Florida — A Clearwater man was shot and critically injured early Friday morning after a Suwannee County family said… Read More

Anyone For Pizza?

Sten Jackson — March 1, 2004

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia — A man who tried to rob a pizza-delivery driver was in serious condition at Riverside Regional… Read More

Assault to Victory

Sten Jackson — March 1, 2004

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — A man was charged Monday in a string of recent sexual attacks after a woman who was… Read More

Tainted Life

Sten Jackson — March 1, 2004

OMAHA, Nebraska — “…charges probably won’t be filed in the shooting death…according to police detectives…” Keith Womochil, 37, was found… Read More

Young and Restless

Sten Jackson — March 1, 2004

EDMOND, Oklahoma — A University of Central Oklahoma student was arrested early Thursday after attempting to break into an east… Read More