True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Coming Close to Being with the Lord
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

As social unrest spilled across St. Petersburg, Florida, making headlines throughout the nation, criminals rampaged through the community looting businesses… Read More

Woman Shoots Her Yardman
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

A 45-year-old Gwinnett County, Georgia, woman carried her gun into the kitchen to investigate a noise. There, she discovered her… Read More

Robber Drops Gun, Makes Quick Retreat
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

Lawrence Nelson immediately recognized the man who walked into his San Jose, California, liquor store as the same man who… Read More

Would-Be Robber Surprised by Armed Employees
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

When a would-be robber grabbed a customer in an Asheville, North Carolina, store and threatened to kill her if employees… Read More

Homeowner Shows Restraint
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

Daniel Shelton’s Martinsville, Virginia, neighbors regard him as a hero after he confronted a man who broke into his home… Read More

Would-Be Robber Shot Dead
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

A 76-year-old Newberry Springs, California, man was awakened by the sounds of someone breaking into his home in the early… Read More

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