True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms. Plus, stay abreast of firearms-related news and events across the country and around the world.

Texas Woman Foils Daylight Burglary

USCCA Editor — February 21, 2013

A 22-year-old Dallas woman was asleep following her night job when she was awakened by her front door being kicked… Read More

Texas Man Saves Cop’s Life with a Long Shot

USCCA Editor — February 21, 2013

A neighborhood argument over dog droppings in Early, Texas, ended in death for several people and the near-death of a… Read More

Texan Shoots Knife-Wielding Robber

USCCA Editor — January 11, 2013

Texan Shoots Knife-Wielding Robber An Austin arcade manager was closing his arcade late one evening when a man… Read More

Oklahoma 12-Year-Old Shoots Home Invader

USCCA Editor — January 11, 2013

Frightened, she called her mother at work, who told her to retrieve the family pistol and hide. A… Read More

Texas CCW Holder Gets the Drop on Shotgun-Wielding Robber

USCCA Editor — January 11, 2013

A man with a shotgun approached another man in a Walgreens parking lot. Putting the shotgun to the head of… Read More

Ohio CCW Holder Puts Two Armed Robbers to Flight

USCCA Editor — January 11, 2013

They had guns, but not much courage. Two armed men saw an Akron man park his car late one night… Read More