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Stay abreast of firearms-related news and events across the country and around the world with impassioned commentary from some of the industry’s most noted voices, including Armed American Radio Host Mark Walters.

Have You Purchased Your Tickets for ‘The Reliant’?

USCCA —October 14, 2019

We here at the USCCA are beyond excited about the upcoming world premiere of the pro-2A, faith-based thriller, The Reliant. Read More

Civilly Talking to Anti-Gunners

USCCA —October 12, 2019

As the 2020 political season ramps up, it’s important to keep in mind that we won’t get anywhere by shouting… Read More

Your Most Dangerous Enemy

Rick Sapp —October 4, 2019

We know not to walk through parking garages alone at night and to beware of concrete stairwells. We know to… Read More

Paris Knife Attack vs FBI’s 2018 Crime Stats

Ed Combs —October 3, 2019

As certain politicians continue to insist our modern sporting rifles are the scourge of humanity and responsible for the bulk… Read More

Hollywood and Guns: Why We’re Winning

Ed Combs —September 13, 2019

*This post is an excerpt from Concealed Carry Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 5, July… Read More

Remember September 12 … the Day That Put “US” in the USA

Kevin Michalowski —September 12, 2019

Looking back on the events of Sept. 11, 2001, so many people claim to remember what they were doing when… Read More

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