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One Call

K.L. Jamison, ESQ — August 1, 2008

An individual in a self-defense case requires a supporting organization. It is reliably reported that the trial and… Read More

Jury Duty: The Other Militia

K.L. Jamison, ESQ — July 1, 2008

A retired sergeant major wanted out of jury duty, but appeared… Read More

Police Protection Law

K.L. Jamison, ESQ — May 1, 2008

The law allows a policeman to command a citizen to come… Read More

Militia Law: “Warriors of the Working Day”1

K.L. Jamison, ESQ — April 1, 2008

Francis Wheeler was a toll taker on Concord Bridge that day in April, 1775. With the family musket he took… Read More


K.L. Jamison, ESQ — January 1, 2008

Parking lots where the customer takes his keys with him are usually not responsible for security. Parking lots… Read More

“The Laws of Nature”

K.L. Jamison, ESQ — November 1, 2007

Tschinke pattern wheellock, possibly Balkan, compared with Japanese Matchlock pistol. The matchlock cock held a slow burning match. Read More