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Uncover the rules governing the legal use of force in self-defense, get tips on how to practice safe and legal concealed carry, and stay up-to-date on firearms-related legislation at both the state and national levels—especially as it relates to the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

Your Right to Silence vs. Your Right to an Attorney
USCCA — April 6, 2019

Summary In this week’s “Ask a Self-Defense Attorney” video, Attorney Tom Grieve discusses the difference between raising your right to… Read More

Concealed Carry News: April 3, 2019
Tim Schmidt — April 3, 2019

Friends: There’s no question that we are all deeply saddened and outraged when mass tragedies occur, such as the one… Read More

Simon Says: The Second Is For Everyone
Beth Alcazar — April 2, 2019

A few years ago, I attended the NRA Annual Meetings. After a tiring morning of talking and networking, I wandered… Read More

Ohio Gun Laws: What You Should Know
USCCA — April 1, 2019

As a responsibly armed American, you already know how challenging it can be to stay up to date on your… Read More

Gun Law News: March 31, 2019
USCCA — March 31, 2019

Florida… The Associated Press: House Panel Approves School Bill Allowing Arming of Teachers A Florida… Read More

Castle Doctrine & Home Defense: What You Need to Know
Scott W. Wagner — March 31, 2019

The Castle Doctrine has been around for a long time — literally since the time of castles. Beginning as a… Read More

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