Legal & Second Amendment

Uncover the rules governing the legal use of force in self-defense, get tips on how to practice safe and legal concealed carry, and stay up-to-date on firearms-related legislation at both the state and national levels—especially as it relates to the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

K.L. Jamison, ESQ — February 1, 2010

Accessories will require answers, some more than others.   Eleanor Roosevelt carried a concealed weapon.   She made… Read More

Concealed Carry in Parks
K.L. Jamison, ESQ — January 1, 2010

What you need to know about concealed carry in parks.   Twenty-five years ago, the Department of the Interior… Read More

The Law: What Happens if You Brandish Your Gun?
K.L. Jamison, ESQ — November 1, 2009

What is the brandishing law in your state? Brandishing a weapon of any kind is a felony in… Read More

Armed American Radio
Mark Walters — November 1, 2009

A few months later, I received a call from the folks at WGKA in Atlanta who had heard… Read More

Boobytrap Law
K.L. Jamison, ESQ — October 1, 2009

An “Alarm Gun.” The hammer is held back by a nail between the hammer and a pivot in… Read More

No Rest at This Stop!
Mark Walters — October 1, 2009

With a loaded handgun now pointed directly at his face, and a thug with a table leg blocking… Read More

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