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Gun Review: Kel-Tec P32 — The Start of a Concealed Carry Revolution

Scott W. Wagner — November 14, 2019

The current crop of popular locked-breech, ultra-micro .380 pistols emanated from one handgun — the .32 ACP Kel-Tec P32. Prior… Read More

.380 vs 9mm: A Comparison of Eight Handguns

Joel T. Nadler — November 13, 2019

All tactics, including choice in firearms, are a function of compromise, person and gun. My choices are not highly influenced… Read More

Gun Review: Walther CCP M2: Top-of-the-Line 9mm Compact Carry Pistol

Scott W. Wagner — November 7, 2019

When Walther introduced the 9mm single-stack CCP M2 pistol, I thought it would be a good time to test the… Read More

Nexbelt Grows Up!

Kevin Michalowski — November 4, 2019

Your belt needs to hold up more than your pants. Those thin, little “golf belts” just don’t cut it when… Read More

What Is Hollow-Point Ammo?

USCCA — November 2, 2019

Ammunition terminology can be daunting for new shooters. One term that you’re likely to come across… Read More

Wheelguns for Concealed Carry

John Caile — November 1, 2019

In a brief article like this one, I could not possibly cover every make, model and caliber of revolver on… Read More