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Magnum Research: Baby Eagle Compact Polymer & Semi-Compact Polymer

George Hill — November 1, 2004

Magnum Research is a company that almost everyone knows. At least everyone knows of their flagship product, the… Read More

High Noon Holsters®: Closing Argument

Tim Schmidt — November 1, 2004

(Left) High Noon Holster - Closing Argument. Note the slide serration imprint on the upper tab. (Center) Closing… Read More

The Sexy Snubby

Tony Walker — November 1, 2004

Hollywood has always considered snubbies to have a ‘sexy’ image, and we could all name a whole galaxy… Read More

Kel-Tec P3AT

George Hill — September 1, 2004

I found that I could carry this thing in my front jeans pocket without a second thought. For… Read More

Hand Guns for Women? Definitely.

Kevin Michalowski — September 1, 2004

Some women don’t have the strength to work the slide on an auto-loading pistol. For those who do,… Read More

Rohrbaugh R-9 Pocket Pistol with Power

Duane A. Daiker — September 1, 2004

Unlike many of the guns in its class, the R-9 is all metal construction. The slide and barrel… Read More