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Threat Solutions UCR Holster

Duane A. Daiker — January 1, 2006

The holster shown is Dave’s first UCR for the Ruger SP-101. I have tried a lot of inside-the-waistband… Read More

SureFire Alpha Knife

Duane A. Daiker — January 1, 2006

Everything about this knife is large. SureFire, well known for high quality illumination tools, has entered the knife… Read More

Sigarms® SigTac® Concealed Carry Jacket

Tim Schmidt — January 1, 2006

1. The Sigarms SigTac concealed carry jacket is “built tough,” yet very good looking. 2. Tim shows off… Read More

An S.O.B. For Me!

Tony Walker — January 1, 2006

Unlike most holsters, the S.O.B. carries the gun in an almost horizontal position, with the gun’s butt pointing… Read More

Blackhawk Night-Ops Gladius

Duane A. Daiker — January 1, 2006

M.S.R.P. for the Gladius is $250, and discounts are hard to find. Everyone needs a compact, high quality… Read More

Loaded Chamber Indicator

Tim Schmidt — January 1, 2006

Left: Tim’s favorite 1911 with the JPFO “Loaded Chamber Indicator” installed. The LCI is in the “round chambered”… Read More