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Frequently Asked Questions About Ammo: Part 1

Tom McHale — June 16, 2019

The world of ammunition is chock-full of questions, myths and misconceptions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the… Read More

How to Choose a Tactical Flashlight for Everyday Carry (EDC)

Scott W. Wagner — June 13, 2019

Everyday carry (EDC) refers not only to your concealed carry firearm but also to all of the related gear you… Read More

Concealed Carry Gear

USCCA — June 11, 2019

An excerpt from the USCCA’s Concealed Carry Guide. Holster shopping can be as confusing as gun… Read More

Barrel Length in a Concealed Carry Gun: Things to Consider

John Caile — June 7, 2019

Barrel length primarily affects two different aspects of any gun you plan to carry for self-defense: concealability and velocity. Considering… Read More

The Brownells BRN-601 Retro 5.56 Rifle

Scott W. Wagner — June 6, 2019

Brownells’ new Retro series contains five AR-15 rifles, two of which are retro prototypes of the first M16s. It also… Read More

Diamond D Leather Simple Shoulder Rig: Another Level of Comforting

Mark Kakkuri — May 30, 2019

I’ve been carrying a concealed pistol at 4 o’clock for more than 10 years, and it has its advantages. For… Read More