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Depths of Concealment: How Deep is Too Deep?

George Harris —September 7, 2016

Testing the concealed carry method is perhaps the tale of the tape when success is truly discovered. » QUESTION: In… Read More

Need For Speed: An Introduction to Automatic Spring-Assisted and Quick-Draw Folding Knives

Jason Buckley —August 24, 2016

It’s ironic that just as automatic knives become legal in more and more jurisdictions, spring-assisted knives, such as… Read More

Unforced Errors: Don’t Send the Wrong Message

Steve Houseal —August 17, 2016

No Trespassing. WE’VE ALL SEEN THEM: bumper stickers, welcome mats, signs and placards, each proclaiming some political or social value… Read More

Ethos, Logos and Pathos: The Differences in Firearms Training for Men and Women

Beth Alcazar —July 14, 2016

Women love to build one another up, and we enjoy growing, learning and experiencing together.  » GIRLS COMPETE WITH EACH… Read More

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