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Mental Rehearsal: Firearms Training Without Gun or Ammo

Rick Baratta —December 21, 2016

»IF THE GOVERNMENT cannot forbid an activity by making it a crime, they will tax the hell out of it. Read More

It’s a Small World, USCCA: Training Responsible Firearms Instructors

Beth Alcazar —November 22, 2016

»YOU JUST NEVER KNOW how your life might impact someone. And, in that respect, you never really know how small… Read More

High-End Firearms: Perception vs. Performance

George Harris —November 2, 2016

In reality, most of the guns on the market will shoot better than the shooter can shoot them, but the… Read More

Coming Home to Beretta: Many Soldiers Choose Familiarity After Service

Bob Campbell —September 28, 2016

It is only natural that military men and women cling to their service pistols. » THERE ARE MANY implements of… Read More

Granny’s Got a Gun: More Mothers and Grandmothers are Carrying

Beth Alcazar —September 13, 2016

Carrying a firearm is not just about prolonging a feeling of self-reliance, it’s also about providing an opportunity for self-defense. Read More

Depths of Concealment: How Deep is Too Deep?

George Harris —September 7, 2016

Testing the concealed carry method is perhaps the tale of the tape when success is truly discovered. » QUESTION: In… Read More

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