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Firearms Training

Discover firearms tactics and techniques, training tips, and shooting drills for at home and on the range to help you hone your practical skills and self-defense mindset.

Training to Fight Should Hurt a Little

Kevin Michalowski —June 13, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I got my butt kicked. I finished the day bruised and bleeding but entirely satisfied… Read More

Why Mandatory Firearms Training Is Gun Control

Beth Alcazar —May 14, 2019

I’ve been teaching and instructing, on and off, for more than 20 years now. Two of my degrees are in… Read More

USCCA’s Live Self-Defense Training Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Tom Grieve —April 27, 2019

I have had the pleasure of working with the United States Concealed Carry Association’s Live Training Broadcast (LTB) team since… Read More

Force of Habit: Training and the Power of Routine

Anthony L. DeWitt —April 3, 2019

Why is training, specifically in the context of defensive shooting, so important? The answer may surprise you. Understanding the power… Read More

Free Expert Training and Behind-the-Scenes Footage…

Tim Schmidt —March 19, 2019

Well, today’s the BIG day! The USCCA’s Live Training Broadcast starts at 7 p.m. CT… Here’s what you can expect:… Read More

Self-Defense Training From Expert Pete Bosquez

Tim Schmidt —March 12, 2019

Hopefully by now you’ve watched the first USCCA Proving Ground scenario-based training video. In it, you… Read More

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