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Firearms Training

Discover firearms tactics and techniques, training tips, and shooting drills for at home and on the range to help you hone your practical skills and self-defense mindset.

Why Anti-Gun People Should Go to the Range

Tom McHale —July 20, 2019

Have you ever met someone who holds intractable anti-gun views who also knows a lot about guns? No, stay with… Read More

Target Isolation: More Scenario-Based Training

USCCA —July 13, 2019

  In the second video of this installment of Proving Ground, USCCA employee MJ takes a surprise trip to a… Read More

Scenario-Based Training: Actions Have Consequences

USCCA —July 10, 2019

  In this edition of Proving Ground, USCCA employee Spencer is taken from work unexpectedly and dropped into a defensive… Read More

Seatbelts, Vehicles and Firearms: Firearms Training Beyond the Norm

Beth Alcazar —July 9, 2019

I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Jacob Paulson, the founder and president of, on The Concealed… Read More

Free Scenario-Based Training: Another Successful Proving Ground

USCCA —July 6, 2019

You may be aware of our scenario-based training series, Proving Ground. You may have even attended Proving Ground LIVE at… Read More

Not Every BODY Experiences Firearms Training the Same Way

Beth Alcazar —June 18, 2019

I’ve been through a lot of firearms training classes, and some of them haven’t been the most comfortable (physically or… Read More

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