Firearms Training

Discover firearms tactics and techniques, training tips, and shooting drills for at home and on the range to help you hone your practical skills and self-defense mindset.

Should Training Be Required?
Kevin Michalowski — May 30, 2014

This is a good question because it makes some people so mad. I recently posted a video blog about the… Read More

Tactical Tim Goes Through Dry Fire Training
Tim Schmidt — February 19, 2014

In this week’s free CCW video, Tim Schmidt—aka “Tactical Tim”—goes through some dry fire training drills from The 52 Dry… Read More

The SIRT Pistol: Great for Dry Fire Training
Tim Schmidt — February 12, 2014

In this week’s free training video, Tim Schmidt—aka “Tactical Tim”—talks about one of his favorite training tools from Next Level… Read More

The Training Scar: Don’t Let This Happen to You
Kevin Michalowski — January 20, 2014

We here at the Concealed Carry Magazine stress training. Perhaps we should stress proper training. Perhaps more importantly we should… Read More

Dry Fire Training Cards for Responsibly Armed Americans
Tim Schmidt — January 8, 2014

In today’s free self-defense video, Tim talks to you about the latest training technique he has just discovered: Dry… Read More

German Sport Guns® M1911 .22 Pistol: Training and Defensive Excellence
Scott W. Wagner — November 6, 2013

American Tactical® (which has just relocated from anti-gun New York to pro-gun South Carolina) is an importer/supplier of some very… Read More

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