Firearms Training

Discover firearms tactics and techniques, training tips, and shooting drills for at home and on the range to help you hone your practical skills and self-defense mindset.

Training, Training, and More Training
Kevin Michalowski — October 17, 2014

All of the skills you acquire in order to defend yourself are perishable. They fade with time and you lose… Read More

Don’t Take Training Tips from CNN! Wolf Blitzer is an Idiot and I Challenge Him to a Duel
Kevin Michalowski — September 5, 2014

I met CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer back in the mid-1980s when he came to visit the newly commissioned USS Theodore… Read More

Aikido: An Additional Layer of Self-Defense Training
Beth Alcazar — August 12, 2014

About eleven years ago, my husband started Aikido training, and he loved to use me for practice. I’d willingly stand… Read More

Training for the Real World
John Caile — July 4, 2014

Here at the USCCA, we constantly stress that training and practice are absolutely essential for anyone who carries a gun. Read More

Liberal Tears, Training, and More
Kevin Michalowski — July 4, 2014

I recently came into possession of what I believe to be the most appropriately named firearms product in the history… Read More

PinPoint Power: Using Lasers in Pistol Training
Mark Kakkuri — June 19, 2014

Gunsite Training Director Dave Starin found that instructing students with laser-equipped firearms provided other benefits—namely, improved trigger control,… Read More

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