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Gear We Love — July 2018

USCCA Editor —July 25, 2018

Gozenta Hawg Holsters MSRP: $20 Gozenta Hawg Holsters The Gozenta (“goes into”) allows you to mount your UltiClip-appointed… Read More

True Stories — July 2018

Duncan Mackie —July 18, 2018

Think Fast: Texas Man Shoots Robber Wielding Sawed-Off Shotgun A Houston man was walking to his car at about 2… Read More

Pistols & Potato Chips: You Can’t Have Just One

Eve Flanigan —July 16, 2018

Many people who are new to concealed carry take what feels like the big step of purchasing their first handgun… Read More

Division Sign: Should You Do Business With a No-Guns-Allowed Company?

Steve Albrecht —May 9, 2018

We get it, America. We know not to bring our guns into any major-league sporting events at stadiums, ballparks and… Read More

Little Big Brother: Walther’s PPQ SC

Ed Combs —April 27, 2018

I recall when the Leatherman Multi-Tool hit the mass market. It was certainly an interesting piece of gear, but what… Read More

What’s Your Objective? Objective-Based Training

George Harris —January 31, 2018

For many years, conventional firearms training has been doctrine-based, in that teaching a person to shoot — regardless of whether… Read More

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