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The Golden Outlook: California’s CCW Coordinator Conference

Phil Graf — July 24, 2019

What started as a simple coffee shop conversation between members of one sheriff’s office quickly grew into a coordinated effort… Read More

When Left Is Right: Left-Handed Operation of Right-Handed Pistols

George Harris — July 10, 2019

One immense training challenge is the transfer of verbal and practical knowledge to a student who operates his or her… Read More

Going Pro: Charter Arms Has a New Middleweight Contender

Kevin Michalowski — July 3, 2019

The fighting revolver has a long and storied history as an effective self-defense tool. But from the old days of… Read More

Kick the Tires: Buying a Used Revolver

Scott W. Wagner — June 26, 2019

I have purchased a fair number of pistols in my day. As such, I can confidently say that I have… Read More

Answering the ‘Why’: Part 2 – The Fail-Safe

Jim Doyle — June 12, 2019

“Why do you even need a gun like that?” Whenever I find myself answering that question, it seems my argument… Read More

Buggin’ Out: The Taurus 856

Kat Ainsworth — June 5, 2019

It seems the deeper we get into this century, the less people care about revolvers. It’s almost as if they… Read More