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Stay on the Ball: Considerations for Vacation and Business Travel

Scott W. Wagner — March 4, 2020

There are three major issues permit holders face while on the road for vacation or business beyond those encountered in… Read More

Rose Above: Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Felony Charges and Years of Court Battles

Rick Sapp — February 26, 2020

The first time I spoke with Jonathan Rose, he was about to fly to Switzerland for vacation. He needed it,… Read More

Two Lives Lost: Lessons Learned from the Drejka Shooting

Chip Eberhart — February 12, 2020

by Chip Eberhart and Thomas Glasgow Recent defensive-gun-use news tells the tragic tale of two men who became victims of… Read More

‘I Sure Hope You’re a Cop’: Assisting a Police Officer Can Be a Tricky Proposition

Scott W. Wagner — January 22, 2020

Some 25 years ago, while I was a deputy sheriff with the Union County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office, I had an… Read More

They’re Not Coming For Your Guns! — Part 2

Jim Doyle — December 18, 2019

Incrementalism is a tactic anti-gun groups have used to steadily increase restrictions on guns and simultaneously make the gun-rights community… Read More

They’re Not Coming for Your Guns! Part 1

Jim Doyle — October 16, 2019

One of the most contentious points in gun politics is characterizing just how far gun-control advocates intend to go. Most… Read More