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[D]ANGER: If You’re Mad, Don’t Pick Up a Firearm

Anthony L. DeWitt —July 8, 2020

Everyone has hot buttons. As an attorney, I frequently have to deal with people with whom I disagree. Usually, the… Read More

Achieving Confidence: Train Like an Officer

Nick Jacobellis —July 1, 2020

During my law enforcement career, I had the opportunity to train with countless revolvers, pistols, rifles, submachine guns and shotguns. Read More

Make the Right Call: What a Cop Sees When Responding to a Home Invasion

Schuyler P. Robertson —June 17, 2020

Imagine you are a police officer. You are six hours into a 10-hour shift. You have already been on a… Read More

Temperament Test: Where Does Your Needle Rest?

Scott W. Wagner —May 27, 2020

There are varying degrees of people who choose to obtain concealed carry permits. The same can be said for those… Read More

The Lemon-Squeezer: The .38 That Wasn’t Special

Ed Combs —May 20, 2020

It can be easy to forget (or never know in the first place) that as far as turn-of-the-20th-century handgunning in… Read More

Bright Futures: Tactical Flashlight Selection

Eugene Nielsen —May 13, 2020

While everyone recognizes the need for a flashlight, all too often very little thought is given to selecting the right… Read More