Concealed Carry

Century Arms Canik TP9 Elite Combat: Pistol Extraordinaire
Scott W. Wagner — April 11, 2019

Let me say it flat out: The Century Arms Canik TP9 Elite Combat 9mm semi-automatic pistol is the most fully… Read More

Self-Defense: Not Just a Gunfight
Kevin Michalowski — April 11, 2019

In a perfect world, we would get to train with our guns every day. Sadly, the world is not perfect. Read More

Concealed Carry News: April 10, 2019
Tim Schmidt — April 10, 2019

Friends: Women across the country are embracing their right to self-defense, making them the fastest-growing segment of concealed carry holders. Read More

Mastering the Blast: Noise and Recoil Inoculation
George Harris — April 10, 2019

As firearms instructors, we tend to focus on the basics of trigger control, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, stance and… Read More

How to Control Flinching While Shooting
USCCA — April 9, 2019

The Drill: It’s only natural to flinch when you hear a loud bang. But when you’re shooting, that slight movement… Read More

Viridian XTL: An Eyewitness in Your Holster?
Kevin Michalowski — April 8, 2019

The stress of a dynamic deadly force incident does funny things to a human’s memory. Video evidence is the gold… Read More

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