Concealed Carry

You have just finished your CCW course and are ready to start carrying. Now what? Continuing your education and training is an essential part of your self-defense journey. That is why we have provided you with valuable content from professionals to make sure your transition is easy and you are carrying intelligently, legally and safely.

There Is No Such Thing as a Gun-Free Life

Beth Alcazar — May 28, 2019

I was reading a social media post the other day about responsible firearms ownership, and I spotted a comment in… Read More

True Stories — May/June 2019

Duncan Mackie — May 28, 2019

Bus Stop Bully: Robbery Stopped by ILLINOIS Woman with Carry Permit An armed 19-year-old man accosted a Chicago woman at… Read More

Firearm Ammo 101

Kat Ainsworth — May 27, 2019

Understanding the various types of ammunition and the purposes of each is part of being a well-rounded shooter. Of course,… Read More

Gunfights: You Need to Learn to Fight in Close

Kevin Michalowski — May 27, 2019

You need to learn to fight at arm’s length. If you are training for self-defense, don’t spend a lot of… Read More

Carrying in Gun-Free Zones

Tom Grieve — May 25, 2019

A “gun-free zone” is simply a “start shooting here!” zone, renamed. You and I know that. But as a practicing… Read More

Should I Shoot a Warning Shot?

USCCA — May 25, 2019

As a firearms owner, you may sometimes wonder about warning shots. What is considered a warning? Is it legal? What… Read More