Concealed Carry

You have just finished your CCW course and are ready to start carrying. Now what? Continuing your education and training is an essential part of your self-defense journey. That is why we have provided you with valuable content from professionals to make sure your transition is easy and you are carrying intelligently, legally and safely.

Taking a First-Time Shooter to the Range

Tom McHale — August 4, 2019

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The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Concealed Carry, Part 1: Cold Weather

USCCA — August 3, 2019

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The Gun-Shaped Item That Stopped Airport Security

Beth Alcazar — July 30, 2019

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Kentucky Gun Laws: What You Should Know

USCCA — July 29, 2019

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Who Needs Guns? Some More Than Others…

Kevin Michalowski — July 25, 2019

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Join the USCCA Community … It’s Free!

Kevin Michalowski — July 22, 2019

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