I Am Carol Bowne

I’m sure that you’ve probably heard about the “I am Mike Brown” theme that popped up after the August 2014 events in Ferguson, Missouri. This emotion-triggering, wound-festering phrase appeared all over posters and buildings … and across the lips of thousands who protested the infamous events involving Brown’s questionable activities and his subsequent death. These protests, along with a troubling string of vandalism and looting, continued for weeks. And to this day, despite the evidence and the findings from photographs, forensic evidence, and medical reports, you might still spot the occasional person sporting an “I am Mike Brown” t-shirt.

Appalling, isn’t it?

Well, if all that unmerited attention and hoopla can be drummed up for an unscrupulous teenager, then maybe people can get on board with a new theme—one that has true worth and meaning: “I am Carol Bowne.”

You may have heard about Ms. Bowne. This young hairdresser was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. As she waited, defenseless, for her firearms permit from the state of New Jersey, she was stabbed to death, right outside of her own home.

Bowne knew that she needed to protect herself… to defend herself. And she did everything a law-abiding citizen could possibly do. She got a restraining order. She installed security cameras. And she attempted to obtain a firearm, going through the motions of her state’s cumbersome, months-long process. But Bowne was left helpless. And she was violently and senselessly killed.

Carol Bowne

On June 7, 2015, 39-year-old New Jersey native Carol Bowne was brutally stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, a known felon. Bowne had applied for a firearms permit in an effort to defend herself—not days or weeks…but MONTHS prior to her death.

I just can’t imagine what this woman was going through—with the knowledge that a convicted felon was threatening her, repeatedly, and that there was so little she could do… and with the anguish of waiting to be able to exercise her right to protect herself with a gun, the only tool that may have been able to stop her attacker.

Where, may I ask, are the protests? Where are the supporters of Carol Bowne, crying out for attention and retribution, calling out the bureaucrats who created these anti-gun, anti-freedom rules, regulations, and red tape? Where are the scores of men, women, and children who stand for the Second Amendment and who refuse to accept this terrible injustice?

Bowne deserved a fighting chance. Everyone deserves a fighting chance. Everyone should have the right to defend himself or herself. And while theoretically, Americans do have the right to protect ourselves with firearms, we are often left exposed and vulnerable when it comes to strict gun laws, slow permit-application processes, and crippling firearms reciprocity.

Carol Bowne could have been anyone. She could have been a friend, a neighbor, or a daughter. And her tragic death begs the question: How many more lives will be ruined or lost before these dangerous, un-common-sense laws are repealed?

Will you sit and do nothing? Or will you stand up for Bowne, for victims, for women, for Americans?

You don’t have to organize a die-in or sport the t-shirt, but you can vote for people who support our freedoms, and you can share your thoughts with anyone who will listen. You can make a difference. You can make your voice heard and declare, with me, “I am Carol Bowne.”

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