Can Somebody Check Him for Bullet Holes

I was in Canada this past week and met a lovely, smart lady who seems to have it all together. The conversation made it’s way around to possession of arms and her mainstay was “Why in the world would anyone, especially with children, need a gun in the home?” Of course, my first reaction was because I can’t keep a cop there and calling 911 is just too “iffy”. She continued with, “Well, I live in a wonderful area where intrusions just don’t happen, and if it did, I certainly wouldn’t kill someone over my DVD player or some jewelry”. My reply was, “Of course you wouldn’t. Nor would I. However, what if the intruder wanted more than possessions? What if he wanted sex from you or your daughter? What if he wanted to force you to drive him to the ATM and empty your bank account while holding your child at knifepoint?”

She looked at me like I was reaching for horrible scenarios just to make my point. I’m still in communication with her by email and would like to continue this debate. Help me out with some ideas.

Lousy headline and poorly written text, but for those who don’t mind a couple of expletives, might save a perfectly good pair of jeans, and maybe a limp.

Man Shoots Himself In Leg

Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you’re on target. If you can clip yourself in the leg in a no pressure practice event, it’s probably 100X easier when actually fighting for your life. But I suspect, had he done that during a real gunfight, he may not have even realized it.

This video serves another purpose. After a firefight check yourself, or better yet, have someone else check you over for bullet holes.

I’m one of the newbies. I’m a new gun owner, USCCA member, Ohio CCW permit holder and wondering what Kel-Tec PF-9 owners use for holsters?