Brandishing Legal or Illegal?

OK guys and gals,

I don’t want to spend a ton of money and I want 9 mm because I have a lot of it and 9 mm is a very common round. I do want something that is reliable, durable and accurate. I want a 9 mm carbine that is still in production (and hopefully will be in production for years to come) so that parts are not a problem.

What do you all suggest?

I went to my local Walmart today to get some ammo> I’ve been researching different reloading presses since I burn around a 1000 rounds a month and it’s getting expensive. I noticed they are stocking all Hornady bullets, Winchester brass, and Hogdon powder along with the primers. They also carry the RCBS reloading presses. I was shocked because one day nothing, next day a whole reloading supply section! The manager over the gun department will special order any powder or bulk supplies you need! No need to pay Hazmat fee for primers! That’s when I noticed the Smith and Wesson M&P long gun in the rack. I couldn’t believe it! I was told they are trying to get the entire M&P lineup including the handguns for our store. Finally I can get the Bacon and Bulk Brass in the same store! I’ll have to see if the other Walmarts in my area are doing this. Are the ones in different states doing this?

Brandishing is considered a crime. This in spite of the fact that 80% of encounters with bad guy are thwarted after a criminal sees the victim is armed with a gun. Please comment on your thoughts and knowledge regarding this dilemma.

So, is there a time one’s perception of possible bodily harm justifies the need to just show his or her weapon, or are we obligated to wait until there is no other option except to shoot?