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Blood in the Streets


The entertainment industry has a long history in New Mexico — from the recent Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to City Slickers and No Country for Old Men. Now Netflix is developing a U.S. production hub here in Albuquerque.

Remembering my experience in school productions and some community theatre, I signed on as a paid extra in a couple of Netflix movies: Old Story with Beau Bridges and Walk. Ride. Rodeo. with Missi Pyle.

With 12-hour days and minimal pay, working as an extra is tedious, even boring, and it has given me a new appreciation for the acting profession. It has not, however, given me an appreciation for actors who attempt to spark violence, such as James Cromwell.

“If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets,” Cromwell said. (Those of us in the carry community are all too familiar with that particular “warning,” touted by anti-gunners looking to rouse resistance to the idea of legally armed citizens.) He prophesied that if the Democrats didn’t win the November elections, America would experience “either a non-violent revolution or a violent one, because this has got to end.” Cromwell did not, however, specify what “this” was.

Actor James Cromwell in a black shirt and oval glasses, smiling

Actor James Cromwell predicted that blood would run in the streets of America if he didn’t get his way in the 2018 elections. As usual, election results are mixed nationwide, and no one is entirely satisfied. If we needed a reminder of reasons to carry daily, the inflammatory talk of people like Cromwell is a good one. [Photo used with permission of Glenn Francis (]

Well, the elections are finished for the present. Nobody is entirely satisfied, and there have been irritations here and there, but no “blood in the streets.”

I really don’t understand Cromwell’s point-of-view. He seems to be a spoiled rich guy, pouting because there are some who don’t share his opinions. America’s streets are not, in fact, running with blood, unlike places like El Salvador and Brazil, the world’s murder capitals.

How Mr. Cromwell can imagine that his empty rhetoric contributes to the solution of the problems facing our society is quite beyond me. His current claim to fame is only that he urges others to act out when things don’t go their way. It’s despicable talk, which the media — for no other reason than it can — chooses to highlight.

As members of the concealed carry community, we absolutely renounce violence — no matter who incites or encourages it. We believe in a society in which we can protect ourselves from this type of hate-spewed violence and the thoughtless rhetoric that inspires it. After all, that’s why we carry.

The election is over. Live with it, move out of America or, better yet, contribute some of your time, money and talents toward preventing “blood in the streets.” We get another chance to convince people that our ideas will make for a better nation and world in 2020. Until then, chill out and carry on.

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