Birthday Fun

Well, today is the celebration of another year around the sun for me. For my birthday, in lieu of presents galore, I usually just prefer to have some downtime to read, have fun and eat cake. At least once every year, I love to do something that combines all three of these simple wishes by checking out a hysterically unique blog that I discovered about a decade ago. This blog has nothing to do with child rearing, DIY, recipes, training or firearms (or anything particularly useful, I suppose).

It’s just a little guilty pleasure for me to pop onto now and again to see some of the insane (or mundane) cake-decorating efforts gone wrong and to read the hilarious commentary shared by the blog creators. The blog features countless images of nightmarish and uproarious cake decor, but every once in a while, the author takes time to celebrate the wins, triumphs and awesomely created cake wonders.

That got me thinking about cakes decorated for gun enthusiasts. So, I did a little research and found some interesting contenders. Just for fun, since it’s my special day, I thought I’d share some of my findings. Think of it as a little gift of laughter and escapism from me to you.

Birthday cake featuring a shooting target - a firearm - and ammo

By Ann-Jannae on

This stunning cake is right on target (pun intended). I love the clean lines and the details of the empty brass cases on the side. While the gun is made of fondant and Styrofoam (not very tasty), the description says that the cake is vanilla-flavored with raspberry, and that sounds absolutely amazing to me!

A birthday cake featuring a gun

By Amy’s Apples on Facebook

This cake actually inspires me not only to eat it, but also to actually try to spell out something with the bullet holes on a paper target. Ever tried that before? Not so easy. But it might be a fun thing to try.

A cake featuring a long gun

By Jenny-Lu’s on Facebook

Check out this detailed and amazing AR-15/Gadsden flag cake. It looks good enough to pick up and load … and to cut up and eat! I love how the case on which the gun rests is a clever design that incorporates both a personal message and a lot of delicious cake. Yum! Maybe in this situation, the “A” in “AR” stands for “appetizing.”

Gun and shooting target cookies


All right, I know this isn’t cake, but these amazing little pistol and target cookies are some incredible edibles!

A solid chocolate 1911 in a firearm case


And since I’ve diverted a bit from just cake, I had to share a chocolate design as well. If I don’t receive a real gun for my birthday, I do enjoy what could be considered second-best: a solid chocolate 1911. My husband actually got this delicious gift for me a few years ago. It was a lot of fun, but even while munching way, I was still thinking about keeping the gun pointed in the safest direction!