Babies & Guns … I Carry Both

My three children are with me the majority of the time—when we’re out and about…or when we’re just hanging around the house. In fact, it’s quite rare that I’m without at least one child, whether it’s our 12-year-old daughter, our nearly 5-year-old son, or our baby girl. So most of the time, when we are braving a trip or maneuvering through a parking lot, this means that I’m watching the tween (who’s usually reading and walking, simultaneously), holding on to a fidgety son (who’s tottering sideways, zooming an action figure through the air), and attempting to hold a wiggly baby on my hip. And yes, I have my gun on me, as well.

Whether or not you conceal carry with young children in tow is just another one of those topics that is all over the map. And what you decide to do depends on a lot of factors, such as your personal thoughts and beliefs, your gear and your guns, your knowledge and experience with firearms, and, of course, your children. I, personally, choose to carry—with or without my little ones. In contrast to some people who choose not to have a gun because their children are around, my three kids are the three main reasons I want to have my firearm with me.

So, for those moms who want to know if it’s possible to tote the children and the handguns…of course it is! There is always the option to use a specially designed concealed carry purse or bag to pack that pistol and keep it out of the reach of little hands. But if you want to carry on your body, consider the following options, especially if you have small children and/or infants.

Children, especially little ones, can get into everything. I could swear that my one-year-old sprouts tentacles, since there is always a tiny hand reaching for everything she’s not supposed to touch. For this reason, I don’t want a firearm that’s easily accessible to youngsters. As well, I prefer not to use a hard holster or even an outside the waistband holster when I am out and about with my kids. It just gets in the way. If I’m holding the baby, I’d have to keep her on the opposite hip, and that usually doesn’t work. She gets heavy. My back starts to hurt. And she starts squirming around and impersonating an octopus.

So, I typically use one of three favored options: a universal concealed carry holster from Lethal Lace, or a corset holster or Big SheBang! from Can Can Concealment. The versatile, soft, stretchy Lethal Lace holster can be wrapped around a calf, thigh, waist, or chest, wherever it’s comfortable and convenient. The Can Can Concealment corset is a perfect option, virtually unseen under any type of clothing. And the Big SheBang! fits like a hip hugger (and can hold more than just your pistol!). All three of these soft, comfortable concealment garments can be worn without any special gear, under normal clothing—from a cocktail dress to yoga pants—and will enable you to keep your gun snug and secure to your body…and away from the kids.

All in all, I suggest choosing what works best for you and your lifestyle, what you are most comfortable with, and what you can safely train or practice with to proficiency. The movements you use to get to your gun with these types of holsters are very different from the more traditional styles. And adding a child or two (or three) to the mix certainly changes the dynamics, as well!

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