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Tom McHale is a perpetual student of all things gun- and shooting-related. He’s particularly passionate about home and self-defense and the rights of all to protect themselves and their loved ones. As part of his ongoing training, Tom has completed dozens of various training programs and is a certified National Rifle Association instructor for pistol and shotgun. He’ll be completing his USCCA Certified Instructor program in the near future.

Tom is a professional writer by trade these days and has published seven books on guns, shooting, reloading, concealed carry and holsters. He’s written two books for the United States Concealed Carry Association: Armed and Ready, Your Comprehensive Blueprint to Concealed Carry Confidence and 30 Days to Concealed Carry Confidence. In between book projects, Tom has published somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,700 articles for about a dozen gun and shooting publications. If he’s not writing, you can probably find him on the range.

Tom's Everyday Carry...

What handgun do I carry? Well, that’s complicated. I’m a big believer in the “one gun” school of thought, as that strategy supports proficiency and habit and reduces the chance of confusion during a stressful encounter. On the other hand, my day job is testing and writing about guns and concealed carry, so I carry many different handguns. To fairly evaluate a new pistol, you have to wear it, draw it and shoot it — a lot. So, while my daily carry rig varies, the method and placement do not. I’m a strong-side IWB kind of guy.

With that said, I tend to default to two pistols, both with very similar actions: a Sig Sauer P229 Legion and a Beretta PX4 Compact Carry. I like the double/single action design with decocker only. I’ve also been experimenting with a move to optics on my carry pistol with a Beretta APX and Trijicon RMR combination. So far, I like it but will likely move to a smaller platform with an optic if my red dot trial becomes permanent.

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